Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Storm Burst

Storm Burst

Its Monday and the day is off to a gloomy start so I thought lets brighten it up with a Storm Cloud Sunburst seascape.


I very nearly didn’t bother going to the beach this night as it was raining so heavy, I thought it would never materialise into anything, in the end it was one of the most spectacular sunsets with storm clouds I have shot. I will be posting at least 10 from this shoot which is a rarity to get so many quality images out of a single shoot….. I only ever aim for one, I know it sounds daft but if you get just one salable image then the journey has been worth it.

Again as I stood there I couldn’t believe that people were in watching  TV when they could witness Mother Nature at her best, I know where I would always prefer to be.

Lots on this week so I’ll post when I can.