That Friday Feeling

Broad Beach "Sunset 'n' Rays"

Friday at last and I haven’t got anywhere near all my work done this week, which means I now have to slog it out today and Sunday to catch up, off to The Peaks with Jo and Stormy tomorrow as well as a visit to a caravan site in York to see ma and pa in law, they’re having their 1st weekend away in their new caravan so we thought we’d check the site out been as I recommended it 2nd hand as it were.

Another from Broad Beach, Anglesey. Could have stood there all night, the wind was howling though and the storm clouds grew darker but its such a great place, has an ancient burial mound to the left, I’ll post a moonlight shot later that you can see it in….I think I feel the same emotions the ancients felt at this place, time stands still and worries disappear and like they did you stare in wonderment at the setting sun.

Stormy is recovering from her anesthetic and we’ve just had a little walk, up 5 times in the night with her, she’s a little off but I’m sure she’ll be OK later when we go for a river bank walk. Turned her nose up at her toast and scrambled egg this morning….(don’t ask)

Have a great Friday all



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