Sunset Rays, Mist, Rocks, Waves……..

Sunset Rays Rocks 'N' Mist

Friday! what a great day

well it is isn’t it? the weekend is here.

Just got another confirmation on a couple of workshops so thats great news, I can eat

Off doing more Navigation training this weekend with a mate and Stormy and no doubt we’ll trow the cameras in with us too, We’ve decided to do the Yorkshire 3 peak, it’ll be the 3 Amigos and Stormy out again for a jaunt so should be fun.

Today’s is yet another one from Wales, I know but it’s hard to resit processing these shots when they come out so nice


cleaned and leveled in Photoshop, Lee .6 and Singh Ray Reverse Grad, Canon 1DS MKII and 24-105 F4 on board.

Simple eh!


have a great weekend



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