Sunset at Cei Bach

Sunset-at-Cei-BachHi all


another from south west Wales, this time from Cei Bach, beautiful place, here’s the info

Cei Bach

Cei Bach (Little Bay) is just to the north of Traethgwyn at New Quay and separated by that beach by the rocky promontory of Llanina point. In the last century, there was a church on the point that was washed away by the sea. Cei Bach was important for ship building in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and there were several lime kilns above the beach. Sadly, because the majority of the cliffs are made up of glacial deposits of boulder clay, there has been considerable erosion and the remains of the lime kilns have now been lost to the sea.

There is a fantastic coastal walk there too with awesome views

Another one to put on your tick list



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