Storm Front Approacing

Storm Front Approaching, Curbar Edge

Hi all, happy Monday :), managed to do pretty much nothing all weekend, no shoots due to the poor weather and spent our time caravan hunting which we managed to get so will have easier access around the country now for longer shoots and Jo and Stormy will be comfortable and happy too.

This shot is another from Curbar in the Derbyshire Peak District, an early morning shot with a mist inversion, the remnants of the days sunrise and a huge storm front coming over the rocks in the distance to the left, hope youy like it anyway.

Just completed my 2nd blog for

also done a “6 things you never knew” about me for The Barnsley Chronicle….had to laugh.

Sales site will be launched in a few weeks and this image will be in The Peaks landscapes section

Have a great week

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  1. Glyn January 24, 2011 at 2:20 PM #

    This is one colorful image bud. Love the deep red/brown heather. And I love the way the mist is ‘snaking’ thru the valley in the distance. The approaching storm looks a monster. Interesting angle too. Happy caravanning !

  2. Adrian January 24, 2011 at 4:21 PM #

    cheers Glyn, as ever spot on critique thanks for the observations and kind words.


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