Safe Pasage

Safe Passage

Last post until I get back from Wales so I thought I’d leave you with this idyllic sunset at Anglesey, bit of a dedication here for a friend Alan who recently lost his best friend and instead of sending flowers they donated to  the Woodland Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support, 2 fantastic organisation, so God bless him and remember the Sun comes up too.


Well in preparation for our trip I cleaned the car  and it threw it down, then I washed the caravan and it was a torrential downpour, I  daren’t cut the grass for fear of tsunami or earthquake….!

Wellies and waterproofs at the ready, Stormy has packed her little nap sack, chews, treats and pooh bags neatly tidied away, please let the sunshine for once, I have never set off and made it to Wales with a clean dry car, maybe OCD but I do like a clean car.


Have a great week all



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