Porth Y Post Pink Sunset

Poth-Y-Post-Sunset-PinkHey all

what a fantastic long weekend, commission shoot. Firstly Friday at Preston Spring and Greta Woods in teh pouring rain and I mean rain, me and Stormer were soaking wet, then Saturday Cleatop, Scaleber and Low Wood in Grassington, all great places but I had a surreal experience at Scaleber Woods where the Big waterfall is.

As we made our way down to the bottom I found we were not alone and to cut a long story short and the fact i am totally naive at this sort of thing honest guv, it was a soft porn shoot of sorts, 2 girls and 3 guys, don’t ask I didn’t want to know… anyway I managed a few shots with one of the girls, she obliged with a few shots looking up the falls semi nude…..Jo was not impressed apparently I’d missed some full frontal shots whilst shooting the falls, how we suffer for our art! lol saying that the falls will be there as and when not sure about the Judy’s.

Go on then since you are my friends here is one of her posing, sure you’ll agree the fall look magnificent!! NOW THEN



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