Pebble Beach Sunset Crown

Pebble Beach Sunset Crown

Morning all

just been to the docs and now need a scan on my head and coccyx of all talk about being topped and tailed! ooohhh bet its going to hurt! Wussy that I am, or so I am told.

Anyway this little beauty is from a sunset session on good old Anglesey, there are very few decent pebble beaches due to nature of the island’s slate and volcanic structure, but you do get these little gems popping up from time to time especially if you wait for the right conditions. The pebble bank is only 15-20′ wide and catching the sea and the sunset at just the right time has taken me a few seasons now…think I got it ok.


I feel a canvass coming on for the dining room if Jo will let me, few more to process for the vid to music then its back to some local work and hopefully a commission, will tell all later.

all the best




  1. Alison July 27, 2011 at 11:03 AM #

    Oh Gosh!! Sorry to hear you’re suffering so …hope it’s not stopping you from getting out and about and doing the things you enjoy.
    Not bad weather here in the UK is it today?…didn’t need my woollies after all
    Take care with that back of yours.

    • Adrian July 27, 2011 at 4:37 PM #

      Thanks Alison

      its a bad one with my lower back and coccyx, really painful, just spoke to a friend who broke his 30 years ago and still has bad pain…..lovely I thought!, so your over here at last great and the weather is cloudy now, hoping to get into the peaks next week light weight and not much moving though. No woolies needed at eh mo eh, makes a change, speak soon and enjoy your stay and make sure you have a day out in The Peaks

      all my best


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