Not So Footloose And Fancy Free

Penmon Lighthouse Sunset Gold

It was a wonderful evening at Penmon and I ventured as far out to the lighthouse as possible, I clambered around fisherman on the slippery rocks and setup at the waters edge, the tide was coming in quite fast but who cares when you’re in a place like this…..

Now I know I bang on about my Muckboot Artic wellies, yes they’re waterproof, yes they’re lined and will do what they should in extreme temperatures, BUT they don’t come with instruction of how to get them out of rocks when you get your foot well and truly lodged in between them and the tide is coming in….FAST!

Took several panicky seconds to wrench my foot out of the rocks grip, at this stage a fisherman pipes up “you were lucky” great I thought at which point were you going to help…none I presume.

I stepped back took a deep breath and this is the shot…the white between the rocks bottom left is where I was stuck, and of course it’s now another lesson learned.

“Dont expect help from fishermen” or something like that cos I’ll always get into scrapes.

Have a great Thursday




  1. Glyn July 28, 2011 at 9:01 AM #

    love this one mate, the way the lighthouse and rocks are side lit by the setting sun.
    On a different note, sorry to hear you got stuck 🙂 bet it was funny mind. Plus why would anyone give you a hand ? you are a 18 stone plus bulk of a bloke and asking help from a puny fishy bloke would just be pure Wus ! Because he didn’t help you, and because of the sarky comment, you should have snapped his rod in half and pushed him in….then said ‘YOU was lucky!

    later bud

    • Adrian July 28, 2011 at 10:38 AM #


      very funny mate, love it, yeah I should have done…19st at teh mo, summer abs diet starts Monday boo hoo 2st off, I’ll miss you chocolate

      hey on another note the fisherman was pulling Mackrel out and snapping their necks, i nearly puked!

      I’ll leave that image with you…

      cheers bud


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