Northumberland Sunset

Hi all

been a while I know,  been so busy lately with one thing and another but I finally managed to get away for an overnight shoot and camp up at Northumberland, I admit I’m smitten with the place now and will have to venture back over the next few months to capture more stunning and beautiful scenes.

This will be the first of many from Embleton, a beach with not only pure sand but these huge boulder/pebbles, I sat there from 7pm until 11:30pm  such was the sunset, even then I kept turning round to see the fading light and colours. Unfortunately the camp site locks up at 11pm so I ended up leaving the car on the main road and carrying all my gear into the tent, a little cramped but I did manage to sleep in the end.

As with all my work the scene is set in the camera and filters used to enhance the colours, I never crop or add things that weren’t there to begin with, 99% completed at location the way it should be thats the fun bit and the passion. In photoshop I only clean dust off and sometimes the horizon level, maybe a little dodge and burn if needed, this one didn’t even need and of that, just the dust spots removed.

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I am a fully insured professional, not an amateur playing at this spare time. I provide course literature, lunch and transport all included in the days cost.

Your safety and well being are my most important goals and you will finish the day with a sense of achievement that will help you in your future photography quests.


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