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Skye-RocksHappy Monday all


And some great news…..

New sponsorship in the form of Profoto lighting equipment, which is simply the best location kit there is has been given from a great  company Kinafoto. It’s amazing how much faith and commitment they have provided, their extremely helpful staff and on-line chat box really helps you through the minefield of choices they provide.

Price wise they are pretty much the best I have found and sell through Amazon UK too so no nasty import costs or long delays, they have a Black Friday deal on at present including a 5% discount so even better if you’re in the market for any accessories or lighting kit.

The kit I have gone for is the Profoto B1 500 Location kit, by far the best there is for its weight and durability and lets face it I get in some pretty remote and scary places so I need robust lightweight gear, this ticks all the boxes.

Massive thanks to Ana and the team at Kinafoto so pleased to be part of your team and the kit will be extensively used on the book shoot from now on.


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