Llanfairfeccan Blue Moon

llanfairfeccan Blue Moon

Wednesday at last hey! doesn’t the week fly by.

Still updating and loading shots into the website so I’ll be posting a few from a while ago now, though I’ll be out this Friday hopefully. I have an interview for a magazine early Friday, I’ll fill in the details later though it is to be a full feature so I’m excited about it, all publicity and that.

I have my MRI scan tomorrow on my back, cant wait to find out what damage had been done to me in the crash, been killing me lately and physio has helped the top half but not the lower, think it’s going to be a long term thing so I’ll just have to get on with it and take it a little easier….”yeah like that’s going to happen!”

Waiting in for the boiler man to come, we’re having a new boiler fitted and he needs to descale all the existing system a week in advance, then it’s off out with her Majesty Stormy for a walky.

Tonight is the Royal Photographic Society’s international print exhibition at Barnsley Civic Hall so I’ll be there with my ARPS badge on…lol, looking forward to it, there are some great shots in the show and hopefully hook up with a few mates.


have a great day




  1. Alison February 1, 2012 at 4:57 PM #

    Hope your scan goes well and that they fix you quicker than you’re expecting. By the way is it my screen or have you used a tiny font above…my poor middle-aged eyes have had me squinting at the screen….lol
    Enjoy your evening…hey and guess what !! It’s about to snow here! !!!!

    • Adrian February 1, 2012 at 5:25 PM #

      lol, think I cocked up somewhere with the font, it’s not yer peepers or old age! Snow! Snow!!, I’m on my way you lucky thing you. Can’t wait to get a few feet of it here, not been a great deal of it yet and I have to wait until later next week for an outing as the boiler guys start next week, still it’ll be nice to start an save some gas…I’m sure we’re paying for next doors too.

      Make the most of the weather, I’m jealous, off to this RPS exhibition in a little while 6-7pm

      thanks for wishes with the scan, just doing a cd to listen to now

      have fun


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