Iceberg In The Peaks

Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday, had so much work on lately and haven’t had time to catch up with my winter shots so it made up well for it.

As the title suggest I came across this mini iceberg at the waterfall in Blacks near the Woodhead Pass, the recent thaw hadn’t quite got to this little clough and winter wonderland was still in all its beauty, I don’t think it will last much longer so we spent a good couple of hours there. I managed a good soaking too as I had to sit in while taking this shot and also got a wellie full which was fun walking back down with sloshing around my foot.

I think I must have a good 10 shots worthy of sales, so this is the first and is available on the site under Peak district Water.

Getting shots ready for clients the rest of the day and Stormy is in need of a big walk which she’ll get in a while


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