Frosty Dearne Morning

Frosty Dearne Morning

Well all the festivities are well and truly over now, the raining has started and the days are going to drag on!

this shot is from a couple of weeks ago down by The Dearne River, love the way the ice was just broken enough to allow a reflection of the sun kissed trees, clear rich blue skies and the frost clinging to the trees, a perfect winter scene.

Off out later and tomorrow its off to the Peaks, been a while, need to get back in the swing of it, coast at the weekend all being well.


  1. susan ogden January 5, 2011 at 8:03 PM #

    As usual this is a beauty! Do you EVER take a bad shot!!?
    Do not judge my website…i am so new at all this that i fear it is already a mess and needs redoing….but i had to start somewhere! i am now trying to figure out Elements 9………i will surely have no hair left by the time i do. It is letting me know just how technology-challenged i really am!! i am DETERMINED to figure out how to merge photos and textures…..eventually!

    • Adrian January 7, 2011 at 7:22 AM #

      Thank you so much Susan, your website is really cool and very personal almost for family only in a nice way and so it passes that feeling on to the viewer, we are treated as a family member so I thank you for that. The website that is cost $79 its sooooo simple to use and setup and the support at photcrati is excellent, they are USA based I think too.

      Merging there are loads of youtube vids on this but really you just need to play, I use CS5 for my work its what I was trained in so it works for me.

      Keep up your excellent work and I’m so pleased your house was voted the best on the tour

      have a great weekend, and if I can help with anything please do ask, I’ll try and help


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