Elgol Go



Morning all

Wet and windy Wednesday here in Yorkshire….so I thought a nice wet and windy shot from Skye would be in order.

This one from Elgol looking across to the Cuillin range, Elgol is on the shores of Loch Scavaig towards the end of the Strathaird peninsula.

This was the scene of our run in with the team of sheep and the shepherd photography teacher, looking back it was so funny and I could imagine a TV comedy about how the teacher herded his attendees round from location to location having run in after run in with jobbing photographers. We were crouched down next to the jetty wall on the left when this guy came storming down calling us ignorant blah blah blah, they were all lined up some 50m away to the left so we were only in shot if stood up, they were there 30-40mins we in turn took a mere 10mins, some people need to learn they don’t own these locations. We were again berated as we left by a full on Irish man, I did not have a clue what he was saying but with our patience run dry I informed him where best to go, he didn’t reply so I guess he got the message, the rest of the shoot was uneventful other than being stunningly beautiful………and breath!


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