Edale Falls

Edale Falls


Shot from Grinds Brook Edale walking from Nags Head up towards Kinder Scout, beautiful peaceful stroll requiring little effort and pretty good for dog walkers as well.
And yes I was stood in the falls to take the shot but its cooling and I think worth it.
Off to Castleton again this weekend with Jo and Stormy, hope we get the weather.



  1. Glyn March 4, 2011 at 4:59 PM #

    Nice one matey, love the lush green veg on the left, you could eat that..Great expo. Crystal sharp…..Im not jealous..

    • Adrian March 6, 2011 at 8:13 AM #

      Cheers Glyn, told you before never be jealous, you werent there, you would have produced the same…bla bla bla…….I do need to go back with Stormy, weather is bad again.


  2. Alison March 5, 2011 at 1:37 PM #

    I like the effect of the waterfalls and as Glyn says the contrast of the rich green vegetation. Were you barefoot ?!? Brrr! …Does Stormy like the water ? Does she ever get in the way of your shots?
    Have a good time in Castleton

    • Adrian March 6, 2011 at 8:18 AM #

      Hi Alison, wasn’t barefoot, I have some great boots which generally do but water sometimes gets down the top! makes you feel alive. Funnily enough she’s a little wussy at the moment about water, she’ll paddle but nit swim, “Timba” our last Timberwolf x’d husky wouldn’t be out of water she’d swim in 6 inches of water if she could….ooohhh we miss her so much
      Stormy still need to come in the sea with me, I’ll teach her
      Not been to Castleton, weather is rubbish and I still have a bad Shoulder injury from gym, had 3 pain relief injections which have just kicked in….some bad pain to come I think

      You doing anything nice?


  3. Alison March 8, 2011 at 9:35 AM #

    Sorry to hear you’re injured, sounds pretty nasty by the amount of pain killers you’re having to take. Is this the same injury as you mention in your Mam Tor comment ? Must have been tricky manoeuvring the caravan with a dodgy shoulder.
    The photos are wonderful by the way (looking forward to seeing no. 3). Seems you had good weather this weekend …I suppose that’s why there were so many tourists around. Such a shame about the litter louts etc. Makes my blood boil too! It’s all to do with egocentricity you know.
    When you’re still around taking shots in the evening and the visitors have gone do you ever get to see any wildlife? Do you photograph any of it or concentrate only on landscapes?
    You asked if we were doing anything nice. Well this weekend we celebrated Carnival in my little town..not quite as extravagant as Rio de Janeiro but we had fun all the same. I was going to go with my husband to Montserrat for a bit of a hike but in the end he went alone because he’s training for a trip in the Pyrennes with his mountain buddies and I’d hold him back if I went along….lol ..so I stayed at home and did the garden instead…crikey it was hot!
    Hope you feel better soon ..suppose you’ll have to stay away from the gym for a while!

    • Adrian March 8, 2011 at 10:08 AM #

      Thanks Alison, I do a lot of heavy weights at the gym and my right shoulder is the weakest point, something has to give when you get into your 40’s..lol its a bit better today but I have physio booked next month to see if they can help it get better. I do love wildlife but rarely film it, problem is that I carry 2st of camera gear when I climb to summits and to take my big lens on the off chance would be hell. I do love horses I think they are the most graceful of creatures. I hate to see any animal suffer or being abused, I’d gladly shoot a human hurting any animal but could never hurt any creature, I even take spiders and flies outside, we have no right to kill. Only downside to this argument is that Bacon tastes so nice and steak I love….OK so I have some loose morals..lol Hubby sounds fit climbing in the Pyrennes, were doing Sca Fell again this year once I get down to weight. hoipe he enjoys it. Carnival sounds good hope you took loads of shots?


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