Duncansby Stacks

Duncansby2 Hi all


well we’re back from the Outer Hebrides, eventful is the keyword here, 7 absolute soaking sheeting down sideways torrential downpours of rain out of 9, you get the idea.

Anyway We managed to get as many shoots in as possible then turned tail for home driving 506miles on the last day, I’m still driving in my sleep, and I have ht the floor running with loads of customer work now for the next 2 weeks solid. Not complaining just not quite with it yet, I need a quiet weekend…….

Anyway this shot is from Duncansby Head near to John o’Groats , fabulous walk although it was that windy we didn’t dare go anywhere near the edges especially as there were nesting birds there too, didn’t want pecking to death.

Loads more images to come over the next few weeks as and when I get a break


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