Before And After Photoshop

RawI printed off the final image for myself and my brother came round and saw it “photoshopped” he said, cheeky so and so. Anyway I thought I’d show the original and final image.

Now I admit to being a heavy user of filters it’s my speciality when training in my workshops, its all about completing the image as much as possible in the field, after all thats why you wanted to be a landscape photographer isn’t it?. My idea of hell is sitting in front of the Mac for endless hours processing bad pictures to make them look good…..”kill me now” comes to mind.

Here’s the RAW converted to WEB Jpeg

Raw-1 So now you have the original contact sheet and the RAW converted image, so let’s see the final shot again…..Island-Queen-2

You’ll see I have lifted the exposure, tone and the colour, all in all 5-10 mins work ONLY. any more and I would ditch the shot as a waste of time and that’s what it’s all about, being at location, one with nature whatever you want to call it, for me standing there listening to the sea watching the sun go down is priceless.


Have a great day



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