Back at Last

Dumfries Sunrise

Well we’re finally back from our Scotland trip, who could have imagined that when the UK seemed to be basking in a glorious summer we would be in the worst weather Scotland was experiencing in years, gale force winds and torrential rain and sleet for 13 days out of 14 with the exception of a couple of sunsets and 1 sunrise.

Mustn’t  grumble though as we did have a fantastic time and visited some wonderful places. Isle of Skye was a let down for me, although it does have some amazing coastline and the obvious rock sticking up it doesn’t do it for me, highlight was the walk to Neiste Point with Stormy and building a little rock tower in memory of loved ones past.

Also fell over a rock on a night time return and busted a finger and my knee, could have been worse as the tide was raging and I was so close to falling in, great shot to follow on this.

Anyway loads of shots to follow, this on was actually the last, taken on the morning of coming home and it was the only sunrise to make an appearance.


loads to follow, have a great Sunday



it’s nice to be dry for a change


  1. Glyn October 10, 2011 at 10:58 AM #

    Hi ya matey, hows it going ?
    sorry to hear about the shi…Crap weather. Hows the finger, and knee? Loving the sky on this one..
    Weathers crap here mate, prolonged rain for the next 3 days.
    Glad to have you back , you’ve been missed. Enjoy bud

    • Adrian October 11, 2011 at 1:56 PM #

      Hey kind words matey thank you very much.

      sometimes we need the crap weather to appreciate the good times, but I ask you 13 days out of 14 is pushing it especially with my demeanor…….lol
      chin up buddy get out with a brolly, off to Lincoln this weekend so hopefully some Autumn woodland shots may come my way.

      all the best


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