Ancient Fort

Ancient Fort

Another black and white conversion detailing winter in The Peaks, Carl Wark is allegedly an iron age fort and is unlike any other found in the north of England. Standing there you certainly get the feel of a timeless landscape and very little signs of modern man’s interference and destruction. The wind blows freezing across the moors a sleet and snow pepper your face as you try to hide and stay warm. How on earth the ancients managed to live in these conditions I can’t believe or is it that we have become too soft and used to our comfortable central heating and slippers?

Ah well coffee time and getting prints ready for customers, at least it’s Wednesday, half the week gone and we’re getting close to Christmas, starting to get in the mood a little now….ho ho ho!



  1. Glyn December 14, 2011 at 11:39 AM #

    L o mate, 2 nice conversions you posted, it can be very addictive doing mono’s.
    I think you should head to the coast for a winter scene, don’t think you’ve done a seascape involving snow !!! Always a first time.
    Got a job on Friday night shooting a pregnant women, its nearly reading for popping too.

    • Adrian December 14, 2011 at 1:17 PM #

      cheers Glyn

      trying different approaches to it, quite liking it but I don’t think they are sellers!! who wants dark and moody, maybe some EMO’s or

      glad you got some work in, hope she dont pop before you get the shots done, or even better while you re shooting that would be great…

      hey watch out for drink spiking in Berlin, Santa’s using date rape drugs now!!!!



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