A Perfect Setting

Rhosneigr-July-13-2With a little help from my Singh Ray Reverse Grad filter and a perfect setting sun on Anglesey, I think I pretty much nailed this one.

For a change I thought , well it’s warm I’ll wear my flip flops instead of wellies……boy was I wrong the sea is still freezing and as the sun sets it gets a whole lot colder believe me. It took a good hour to warm up again later, note to self, “always have your wellies ready”.

Before I went away I had a shoot for the local authority doing the annual Mayors Parade, it was sweltering heat and carrying 2 cameras didn’t help either, anyway that aside I use an Ansmann Digi Speed 4 Ultra to charge my 2850 batteries for my flash guns and flash PSU but a week before the shoot the charger which isn’t cheap at £60 burned out. I’d had it 3 years plus and it is  the best as it charges their own brand batteries in super fast time which for a pro photographer is essential, it also has a car kit with it so it’s invaluable to me.

After a little discussion with the retailer I emailed Ansmann UK and they said they’d take a look at even though the unit was out of  its warranty period period, so I duly sent it off, not expecting much. (Now has 3 years warranty)


Imagine my surprise when I received a brand new charger compete with 4 x 2850 batteries a week later Free Of Charge, I can only say what a company and what faith they have in their product, it obviously pays to buy the right quality product when you need it and I’ll be sticking with Ansmann for good now.


A massive thank you to Andrew Wright for his kind assistance and exceptional customer service.


cheers all


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