A not so typical Welsh view

Welsh View

Well it is sort of isn’t it? sheep, mountains, beautiful rolling meadows…..but that cloud formation over Bwlch Mawr and Gyrn Goch is stunning. Located near Aberdesach, as we drove toward Anglesey I looked in my rear view mirror and was greeted with this beautiful scene. I jumped out of the car, well after stopping first of course! and ran to a near by lay bay I had just passed and this gave me the  composition, it’s slightly different from my original composition as this seemed to work better for me, the sheep seems more balanced and fore, mid and background blended smoothly.

Just had a great meeting for my December exhibition, some fabulous space and came away inspired for the project, just need a shed load of money for the canvasses doing, going to be a huge triptych again and a smaller on in the entrance to lay the seed of the image in the public’s mind, very psychological stuff indeed, hope it pays off.


more details to follow



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