Daily Archives: May 31, 2011

Storm in a Buttercup

Stormy In A Buttercup

Ok Ok so it’s the corniest title ever!!! ..lol

just had a lovely riverbank walk with Stormy, she played with the horses and chased butterflies and bees and most importantly came back when I whistled her…bless her


Nearly finished malting for summer, thank goodness, (Stormy that is) we have a full and I mean full shopping bag of compacted white fluffy fur, I have heard it’s good for duvets and pillows so we’ll hang on to it.

beautiful sunshine with a slight breeze, and its going to get better, Peaks Thursday


People Power

People Power










Definitely a bit if a weird one for me this weekend, we went to York on Saturday, the weather wasn’t very good at all, Stormy decided to get her stubborn head on and pulled all the way round which made for an unpleasant walk in such a lovely place, she was a little better when we did the river walk later.

We came across this image, weird to say the least, all lined up side by side a group of Quakers doing a silent peaceful anti war protest, no one was in front of them they looked very much out of place so I thought “why not” I did ask first and said “you don’t have to smile” which they obliged by staying Stearn faced and very much in character.

I find people fascinating and if you look at this large each face tells a lifetime of stories…..makes you wonder!

Back out later in the week , and hopefully have some good news Thu/Fri