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Monumental Rays

Monumental Rays


One that didn’t make it onto the sales site due to the blow out white, pity as I really like it, but hey that’s life, tried burning it out but it just not having it, will have to wait for our next trip and have another play.

Shot is Neilson’s Monument near Rinngford, Kirkcudbrightshire. James Beaumont Neilson (June 22, 1792 – January 18, 1865) is a Scottish Inventor whose hot blast process greatly increased the efficiency of smelting iron….so there you are!

Its a lovely walk up from the tackle shop and cafe at the bottom of the walk, but do beware if you have a dog with you there are electric fences everywhere, Stormy got stung with one, she didn’t half let out a yelp.

Anyway this wont get through to sales its just to show the comp and of course I love those rays.

Meeting with other togs later for lunch, should be a good catch up.