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Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

Just started compiling shot from The Three Peaks and this one is from Ben Nevis, we did this climb covered in midges from the bottom to pretty near the top and although it was done in August 2010 I still have a black toe nail……..

If you look closely and large you can make out the ant like people about a quarter the way up from the bottom of the picture, gives you a perspective and scale of this most wonderful landscape, I must say out of the Three Peaks for me this has the most spectacular views and its a toss up to which is harder Ben Nevis or Scafell, Snowdon you could run up and have a beer at the top.

Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike View

Finally got round to processing the shots from The Three Peaks I did this year, shot was taken mid way up Scafell Pike, quite a difficult climb especially as I was carrying 2st of camera gear with me, I learnt a valuable lesson as I took nothing like that up Ben Nevis. Going up is the easy part, coming down your toes press into the front of your boots and the old knees start to ache, still the views are well worth the hassle, plus its another off the old tick list.

If you would like to view this LARGE then please go to and click on the thumbnail

What a Weekend!

Mucky Pup

Well we set off on a long Dearne walk on Saturday, as usual Stormy got covered in mud and god knows what else, the area was

completely flooded and as we tried to cross over our usual sunken wooden bridge Storm fell off and got her back legs stuck in the nud

panic ensued and Jo came to her rescue she went   her knees in the icy water, while I held her and Stormy’s front end, luckily she came out with a loud pop and splash of water.

needless to say we were both soaked and poor Jo had to ring out her socks at the river bank. We all slept well Saturday night especially Stormy.

Back pout later today for more shots.

Have a bio and 8 shots to submit for a special on me for a Peak District magazine and to start my blog work for a prestigious website so I should get 1 million hits a month to my shots, cant do me any harm can it?

Snowy Dearne

Snowy Dearne

Wwwwhhheeeyyyy, its snowing again, just had a fantastic walk by the Dearne River with Stormy, snow heavily dropping into the river and surrounding forrest, truly a great place to be. Storm went off lead for a 1st and came to heel every time she was called back, what a little star she is, cant get over how clever and good she is without really been trained to any level, 7 months old, heels, sits, rolls over and paws on head not bad doing eh!

Turning to rain now…bbooohhhhooo

Misty Rocks

MIsty Rocks

One again from a few weeks ago, the mist inversion cloaking the cement works at Hope, was a freezing cold day but the sun gave a warm glow to the bracken and dead heather.

Coast this weekend hopefully, in need of the sea, and Stormy needs a swim

Hope Valley Mist

Shot from a few weeks ago when we had one of the best inversions for a while, loads of Togs out in The Peaks, beautiful scene as the mist drifts round Hathersage and through the valley.

Back out later today

Frosty Dearne Morning

Frosty Dearne Morning

Well all the festivities are well and truly over now, the raining has started and the days are going to drag on!

this shot is from a couple of weeks ago down by The Dearne River, love the way the ice was just broken enough to allow a reflection of the sun kissed trees, clear rich blue skies and the frost clinging to the trees, a perfect winter scene.

Off out later and tomorrow its off to the Peaks, been a while, need to get back in the swing of it, coast at the weekend all being well.